Welcome to the Safety Advisory Group Australia


Our Commitment


The Safety Advisory Group's approach is based on three criteria.  Occupational Health and Safety must: 


  • Make business sense
  • Achieve the aims of compliance
  • Foster work force moral


Our People


The Safety Advisory Group (SAGAust) is a commercial collective of senior business managers who, over their careers, have developed complimentary expertise and qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).  Our industry exposure ranges from the Department of Defence to Health to Construction and Food handling.  All of our people are business men and women first and experts in Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems second.  


Our Services


Our business focus is three fold:


  • Large enterprises - to provide supplemental support, advice and auditing services to senior management and OHS managers
  • Small to medium enterprises without an OHS manager - to provide an 'on call' OHS management infrastructure for all OHS requirements
  • General -to provide support and ad-hoc advice on all OHS management issues


Safety is Important


Businesses that do not prepare for accidents/incidents or conduct regular risk  assessments could jeopardise their entire business operations in the event of an unfortunate occurrence.  Our role is to prevent this from ever happening.

If you wish to know more about the SAGAust, please navigate to our Contacts page  'Contact' or email us 'Email Inquiry'