OHS Audits
Did You Know - Safety Audits are required at least every two years? 


SAGAust can meet most, if not all of your OHS audit requirements including:


  • Onsite Review
  • OHS Audit
  • Risk Assessment

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Onsite Review


The review looks at work practices and identifies any possible risks and or hazards.  Other areas of consideration include items such as signage and personal protective equipment.  Work Method Statements and Standard Operating Procedures are also examined.  The consultant from SAGAust can comprehensively review your entire workplace.  On completion a written report is issued including advice on any recommended courses of action.


The time and effort to conduct Safety Reviews depends on the size of an organisation and the type of work it conducts:


OHS Small Enterprise Review.  This review is designed for small businesses with up to eight employees and is generally completed within 4 hours.  The consultant will assess the issues, and a detailed report with recommendations is provided within 7 days.


OHS Medium Enterprise Review.  This review is for medium sized companies with less that 25 Employees (approx) and generally requires 8-10 hours.  Consultants will look for risks, hazards and compliance in accordance with the relevant State OH&S legislation.  A detailed report with recommendations is provided within 10 days.


OHS Full Enterprise Review.  These are across larger or multiple sites and are scoped on application.


OHS Auditing


Our occupational health and safety audits measure your business' health and safety management systems to determine their effectiveness and also to asses your level of compliance with relevant legislation and Codes of Practice.


Desktop Audits - looks at your health and safety documentation, including your policies and procedures and training and incident documenting mechanisms.


OHS System Audits - looks at the system and how effectively it is being implemented.  A gap analysis may be provided should there be any areas of concern.


OHS Audits can be conducted against: 


  • Australian or Industry Standards including AS/NZS 4804:2001 and 4360:2004
  • State Legislation and Regulations
  • State-based Self Insurer standards 
  • Codes of Practice

Risk Assessment


Risk Assessment is normally project or activity based.  A workplace risk assessment is a fundamental OHS tool used to identify hazards and risks to health and safety for the activity being undertaken or considered.  Our experienced consultants can conduct an on-site workplace risk review using checklists specifically tailored to your workplace and your needs.  The review takes into account the requirements of relevant codes of practice, industry standards and/or self-insured standards and guidelines.


Specific reviews of the workplace may be directed towards any of the following hazards:


  • hazardous substances
  • lighting
  • noise and vibration
  • manual handling
  • work procedures
  • dust and vapor
  • machine guarding
  • working at heights
  • slips, trips, falls
  • ergonomics

On completion of the risk review we provide a report identifying hazards and an action plan to address the OHS issues identified. We can also undertake an OHS risk assessment to determine the level of risk and recommend control measures.




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