About Us
We believe that safety is part of how an orgainsation thinks and competes in the market place.

Our Background


The Safety Advisory Group Australia draws on extensive backgrounds in both Department of Defence and the manufacturing Industry.  These are areas where maintaining safety and encouraging a safety culture is as, ‘hard as it gets’.  But we thrive on challenge!


Our people draw from grass roots tradesmen to senior management.  All of whom have made a conscious decision to use their expertise and knowledge in the application of making workplaces and organisations a safer place.


We come to you.  Our people are prepared to travel because safety is not a theoretical pursuit but rather a practical application in the work place.  This is where problems are both identified and solved.


Safety in Australia


The safety industry in Australia is fragmented because of the many and varied State and Federal legislative requirements.  We can assist organisations who are either national or state based.


Senior Management


The Safety Advisory Group is based out of Melbourne, Australia and has an exhaustive history with Defence and Manufacturing.  Our management relies heavily on taking a systems approach to problem solving and apply this to all of our services.  All staff have tertiary qualifications augmented with Risk management studies and or OHS certifications.




For more information about the Safety Advisory Group, please contact us to arrange an obligation free briefing. Or alternatively just give us a call and we will be please to discuss either your situation or our background and experience.   Navigate to our Contacts page  'Contact' or email us 'Email Inquiry'